Award winning month for Tripp Co.

We’d like to thank…


Awards have never been our focus, but it is sure nice to get them.

Recently, Tripp Co. became the recipients of several awards: seven (7) American Graphic Design Awards; five (5) TAM Awards (including People’s Choice); and we were named one of St. Louis’ Top 20 Small Business by Small Business Monthly.

Not one of the ceremonies allowed us to make an acceptance speech, but we have a lot of people to thank… so here it goes:

“First and foremost, we’d like to thank our clients, without whom none of this would be possible. We’d like to thank our Moms for encouraging us that it was okay NOT to become doctors and lawyers and such. We’d like to thank the liquor industry for giving us legal ways to deal with the stress. We’d like to thank Jesus and Angel, our janitors, without whom this place would be a wreck. We’d like to thank each other for not going on a rampage and killing the other staff during this incredibly crazy and successful year. And last, we’d like to thank the late Steve Jobs for his invention of the Apple Computer and this crack-like obsession we all have with our iPhones. Oh, and those people we live with that may or may not be our spouses and take the brunt of the craziness.”

The American Graphic Design Awards are sponsored by Graphic Design USA and honors outstanding new work.  Projects honored included the Slowburn Theatre Company Logo, CMD Bricks Logo, Nidec Event Invitation, St. Louis CNR Magazine, High Fidelity Poster for Slowburn and the HIPPO Website.

The Targeted Area Marketing Awards (TAMS) honor agencies, companies and individuals who create St. Louis’s best B2B advertising, marketing, corporate and professional communications.  We entered only five entries and were awarded four (we are demanding a recount on the fifth). Additionally, all attendees of the award ceremony voted for our Gateway Men’s Chorus Campaign to receive the  People’s Choice award.

Finally, Tripp Co. was named one of St. Louis’ Top 20 Small Business by Small Business Monthly Magazine. We were very honored to be included in the list of recipients which included such companies as American Vending Machines, Contegix, Miken Technologies and Payne Family Homes (to name a few).


A closer look at an award winning website

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Industrial products website highlights features and puts users in the driver’s seat.


When Mobile Hydraulic Equipment designed the HIPPO Multipower System, they knew they were going to change the electrical, welding, air and hydraulic construction arena. Consequently, they needed a website for this line of products that would allow them to be clearly explained to prospective buyers. Additionally, the site needed to allow the user to easily gather information on the individual products within the various product lines. The previous website had grown outdated and did a poor job of driving traffic/potential clients to gather information for Mulitpower’s new HIPPO Multipower Systems line of products so it was scrapped and a new site was developed from scratch.
This new website was created with functionality and audience in mind and a custom PDF tool was developed to benefit both employees and clients. On each page throughout the site, a “PAGE +” icon exists that allows the user to save all information from that page into a dynamically built PDF brochure simply by clicking it. In the right hand corner, an orange “My PDF” icon allows them to access and arrange their PDF, then email all the information saved to themselves or to users.

Additionally we added a product tagging feature and coded the site to be responsive, so that it works on all platforms and devices without the need for a separate mobile site.Take a look at their site and explore all the tools.

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