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Tripp Co. Creative Introduces Certified Zombie Marketing Specialist (CZMS) Certification

St. Louis, MO & Collinsville, IL —Tripp Co. Creative – the fastest growing creative and marketing services firm in the Metro St. Louis Area – has made it their mission to help businesses plan for what looks like will be the biggest change in society since the extinction of the Twinkie.  This change is going to be crucial to every company’s bottom line.  As of June 20th, 2013 Zombie’s will be a part of our world and they will need to be represented in every marketing plan and mix.  How is this possible you ask?  Well, that’s where Tripp Co., premier leader of the successful Brain Biter Marketing Association (BBMA) has stepped in by offering Certified Zombie Marketing Specialist (CZMS) Certification and Survival Kits.

Recognizing the need for yet another marketing certification and the desire of so many marketing pros to add cute little initials behind the name line on their business cards, Tripp Co. has made sure to create a certification to prove the pros are ready for the living-impaired.

Marketing professionals can log on to to meet the Tripp Co. Zombie Crew, receive exclusive tips on Zombie Marketing, take the Marketing Quiz and become a Certified Zombie Marketing Specialist. They can also purchase their own CZMS Survival Kit! The kit includes: Target Markets, Lethal Marketing Tactics, and a handy-dandy Survival Guide.  With their certification and Tripp Co. Creative’s creative expertise, together they can knock these zombies dead with lethal marketing tactics in 2013.

WARNING:  Tripp Co. Creative’s arsenal – including collateral design, web design, branding and identity, advertising, interactive campaigns, social media and marketing, has been know to receive “Bieber Fever” type reactions in Zombies.  Tripp Co Creative, Inc. is not responsible for any Zombie related bites, scratches, or groping.  In the event that an injury does occur please seek medical attention immediately.

Tripp Co. Creative is a creative service, marketing and advertising firm located just outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area. From brand identity to web design, Tripp Co. Creative is capable of handling any and all creative and marketing needs for clients. For more information, please visit our website at