Get Inspired

Working in the creative industry can be very stressful. There are deadlines, long meetings, endless e-mails, pressure to be unique and original, and that can lead to creative block. You know the feeling—you’ve done that before, you’ve seen that design in a million different places, that color palette leaves you feeling blah.

It feels impossible to get those creative juices running, so what can you do to find that spark again? Here’s my top three ways to get inspired.

Looking at others’ work is a great way to get inspired. The Internet makes it so easy to find great stuff. Some of my favorite sites to browse are Lovely Package, From Up North, and Pinterest (it’s not just for baking, folks.) Get motivated by seeing what other designers are doing, and figure out how you can make it better.

Take Breaks
I have a tendency to sit at my desk and pick at a project until I think it looks right. In that process I don’t really accomplish anything, and I just get more frustrated in the process. Instead of stressing out, and getting wrinkles—take breaks. Go for a walk, sit outside, grab some coffee. Take time to refresh your creative process.

Music is one of my favorite ways to get motivated. Sometimes all you need is a good beat to get moving. Use Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, etc. and find a playlist that speaks to you to help you create work that you’re excited about.

There are lots of other ways to get your creative juices flowing, but these methods have always helped me get over my creative hurdles.

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