Happy July 4th – News and projects

When we formulated our new tagline (look right above this), we wanted it to reflect the type of work we love to do. Also, it needed to represent the caliber of client with whom we choose to work… below are two examples of good work for good brands.

Behavioral Health Response (BHR) site launches

When members of the St. Louis community are having a mental health crisis, where do they turn for guidance? The answer is BHR. Their 24-hour hotline is manned by Master Level clinicians who are not just experts in their field—they’re also caring human beings.

The site was built on a content management system in order to allow BHR ease-of-access. The colors came from their existing brand and we embraced them… we really felt they were very calming and tranquil. The imagery focuses on happy people… the result and not the crisis.

Finally, we built a searchable database of crisis centers based on zip codes. If a person is in need of help at a mental health center, they can find which of the many options available serves their area.

Better Life – better packaging

For those of you that know us, you know we are working with Shark Tank Alums, Better Life®. They are a naturally-safe household products company that helps rid the world of nasty toxins and chemicals that you find in traditional household cleaners. After being their agency of record for the past year and focusing on their brand and core creative, as well as their social media and marketing strategies, they were presented with another HUGE break.

A major distribution opportunity (we can’t tell you who…yet) propelled us to quickly tweak their packaging. Many of the individual products had been conceived separately of each other. As such, the labels were disparate and didn’t communicate a cohesive brand. In some cases, the company’s name wasn’t prevalent enough to realize that it was a Better Life product.

Without reinventing the wheel, we refined the illustrations styles on the bottles,unified messaging and tweaked the hierarchy of information. Our goal? Lift— increase the chance that shoppers will pick up the products and subsequently put us in their cart. Watch for more great stuff from Better Life and Trippco

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BTW Check out our new site at www.trippco.net. We are still adding projects and such, but it looks a little spiffier than our ancient one did (two years old).

Coming Soon:

Promotional video for Hippo Multipower Systems. Shot on location in Kansas City… go anywhere and do anything.

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