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We understand the challenges of marketing in the your industry.

Tripp Co. Creative (our friends call us Trippco) is a marketing consulting, PR and design firm with a focus on the AEC, Performing Arts, Non-profit, Consumer Packaged Goods and Healthcare companies all over the United States. Having partnered with clients from California to Texas to New Jersey, Trippco understands the market conditions in your region and knows how to communicate your benefits and brand pillars to your clients, potential clients and employees.

Your company’s marketing efforts need to go beyond just responding to RFPs and word of mouth referrals. It’s our mission to apply sound branding, marketing, social media, advertising and other communications strategies to enhance your company’s outreach, customer retention and sales goals.

We help companies define and communicate your their unique value in ways that make sense for your firm (and your budget). Most firms who choose to work with us find our process enlightening and fascinating (and fun of course). Many times our brand audit process uncovers truths the leadership did not know were out there. Let us help you.

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