“Pinteresting” development for businesses.

Pinterest is a powerhouse in the social media spectrum when you are wanting to reach and engage with females 18-49. But, up until now, many small and mid-sized businesses were a little shut out by big-budget brands.

Well, Pinterest has big news for smaller companies because the social media site is now expanding its ad business to be the perfect platform for any size company. Time magazine explained how Pinterest is thinking big to target small.

This summer, Pinterest plans to broaden its advertising model to make ads viable for small and medium-sized businesses, on a cost-per-click basis to be served in specific Pinterest categories. This will differ from their prior process, which had set rates based on a cost per 1,000 views. With this new cost-per-click model, advertising on Pinterest will become more accessible, affordable, and amenable to smaller-sized companies.

Not only will this move position Pinterest as a viable and valuable vehicle for any sized business to add to its social marketing mix, but it will also give the site a sharp marketing boost against rival social media platforms and search engines that use a similar system. The shift will pin Pinterest as a direct competitor to Facebook, Twitter, and even Google, since their business is built on their ad business.

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