Circus Flora TV Spot

This year, we wanted to approach the TV spot for Circus Flora a little differently than in the past. Historically, the spots were always just an animation of the static print collateral with no voice over or live footage.

Since we had plenty of footage to use from past seasons, we wanted to make sure viewers got a glimpse of what to expect when going to see the show.

Contractor Capabilities Video

Michael Kennedy, Jr., president of KAI Design & Build, knew that The UP Companies, his company’s self-perform venture,  was a different animal. He wanted to tell the UP story in a different way. The company’s new video, produced by Trippco Creative, does that, and then some.

The video incorporates  a brash and engaging approach to telling a unique story. That approach includes appearances by space aliens, cheese platters, and protein shakes.

KAI was founded by Kennedy’s father in 1980. It has grown into a national firm performing architecture, engineering, and program management / construction management services nationwide. Wanting to expand into self-perform operations, in 2008 the Kennedys and their team developed a strategic plan.

That plan resulted in the acquisition of an electrical installation and services contractor and a finish carpentry company. They founded a separate operation — The UP Companies — to manage those entities.

Bank Website Design

St. Louis Bank had the need for a new website design. The trick was that it had to feel custom, but stay within the guidelines of their online banking provider. Trippco worked with the team at the bank and the outsourced web provider to design a website that incorporated the custom photography we took for them as well as many of the new design elements we had created.

The end result is a refreshed web presence that highlights the satisfied clients that St. Louis Bank works closely with everyday.

Cannabis Oil Packaging Redesign

Elysia is one of only two approved CBD Oil products available in the State of Missouri. CBD oil has been approved for use in children suffering from extreme forms of epilepsy. The hope is that this pilot program is successful enough that approved use instances will be added.

Elysia wanted their package to shy away from “natural” and “granola”. Instead, they engaged Trippco to create something that felt like a pharmaceutical.

After looking at their current logo, we recommended starting from scratch, and that’s just what they did. What emerged was a package that uses soothing tones and clean lines to communicate the research and science behind their product and not fell like an apothecary of yore made it.

Retail Solutions Firm Website

Premium Retail Solutions is the type of firm you want on your side when trying to get product into retail chains. They are the best at what they do and they needed a website to reflect as much.

Starting with our architecting process, we worked through the various levels of information that a visitor would want to get quickly. While they have lots of research and data to back up every decision, we understood most people fell into four buckets; how do I get into retail; how do I execute once I get my shot; how do I know if it’s working; and how do I grow?

The main (left navigation) focuses on these four with two other navigation points answering secondary tertiary needs for users.

The site is fully responsive and uses some pretty subtle animation effects to ad a little bit of flair to an information heavy site.

S.M. Wilson Website

As part of an in-depth engagement, we worked very closely with the team at S.M. Wilson in St. Louis to redesign their website.

S.M. Wilson just recently became 100% Employee Owned and is in the middle of a leadership transition. These two things, coupled with the fact that the website had not been updated in years, made this a perfect time to look at a redesign.

The new site is meant to be simple, clean and understated while letting the viewer know that S.M. Wilson is a modern contractor with in-depth project expertise. Additionally the site is responsive so that it delivers a consistent experience on desktops or mobil devices. The S.M. Wilson Team can now update the site internally since it is backed by a content management system.

Event Welcome Video

When Sigma Aldrich needed a video to welcome their VIP partners to a national conference, they turned to Trippco for the video production.

Starting with location scouting, we put together a plan to shoot at multiple locations in order to capture the breadth of the Sigma Aldrich operations.

We then filmed the welcome message from their executive and edited it all together for a nice piece that was looped on monitors as attendees were arriving.

Contractor Safety Video

S.M. Wilson needed to update their safety video to reflect recent changes in OSHA standards as well as their own work rules and regulations.

The idea was to separate the video from what is typically seen in the industry… a “non-actor” on job sites saying a lot of words at the camera with slides coming in every now and again.

Instead, we chose to shoot the video in the training center built by the painters. We also hired talent to ensure the dialogue was clear and interesting.

It may never win an Academy Award, but we hope it DOES save lives.