Corporate Culture Video

Project Description

Our video team spent two days inside the halls of Paynecrest (no the gold floors and marble walls rumor isn’t true) getting to know the employees and eating people’s lunches out of the fridge… Just kidding. 

Seriously, we worked with their employees to create a video that speaks to the Paynecrest Way… the core culture definition PayneCrest uses when describing themselves to clients and employees. Our team hung out a few days with the Paynecrest crew, shooting some pretty cool projects such as the new Shriner’s Hospital, and interviewing employees including David Payne, in order to best capture the culture of Paynecrest. Learn what it’s really like to work for this amazing electrical engineering firm and how employees embrace the Paynecrest Way by watching the video.

Project Details
Date June 27, 2014
Company PayneCrest Electric