Flagship Brochure

Project Description

Premium Retail Services was in need of a collateral piece that is worthy of their name. After an unsuccessful round of concepts with another agency, Tripp Co. was brought in to save the day. Our first focus was the packaging of the brochure. The client had requested that it feel substantial and book-like. We approached several printers and went through many rounds of discussions before settling on a vendor and coming up with an acceptable mock-up of the final product.

The copy concept was given to Premium so that they could provide the case studies and relevant numbers for each spread. We presented a couple of concepts/themes and the chosen direction was “strength in numbers.”

The final piece not only looks premium, but feels it as well. When you pick up the brochure it has soft and velvety tactile sense — helping to contribute to the perception of luxury. Photos can’t do the final piece justice. Trust us, it feels amazing!

Project Details
Date January 12, 2014
Company Premium Retail Services