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Mobile Hydraulic Systems has a great product… actually it’s better than great; it’s AWESOME! The Hippo Brand Multipower System brings power and versatility to any job site. Whether it’s a municipality making a sewer repair or a construction crew working in the remote jungles of South America, they can rest assured they will have portable power when and where they need it. When we were approached to help bring the cool factor of this product to the website, we had to educate ourselves on its capabilities and soon learned this thing is a monster. Not only can you have portable power, but you can have hydraulic, welding and air all in one machine. It is offered in several configurations and in various vehicles to allow for easy transport.

A lot of story to tell on one website, but we weren’t scared. We knew we had to make the facts digestible by a user and allow them to take away the information needed to make a decision. We also had to clearly explain the difference between the various models and the features unique to each. Through our extensive architecture development process, we identified an intuitive navigation and opportunities for features that would help solve the marketing challenges. One of these was a rotating view of each product that would help illustrate features using an animated target system. We also developed quick specs and a range indicator to help educate buyer on the most appropriate product line for their particular need.

The biggest feature of the site is the “build your own brochure” widget that allows users to add any page (in any order) to a custom brochure that they email to themselves at the end of their session. This nifty tool prevents users from having to print of single pages to present to decision makers and allows them to download all reference material at one time.

The finished site is a tech-savvy, technologically forward site that makes the buying decision a little easier and a lot less confusing.
Visit the site and take a test drive for yourself.

Project Details
Date January 12, 2014