KAI Design & Build

Project Description

KAI Design & Build had a challenge that many companies face with their collateral material – they needed the ability to customize the piece according to the audience to which they were speaking. Additionally, they needed to control costs so printing a separate brochure for each of their markets was out of the question.

Tripp Co. worked with KAI to determine their needs and presented several options that would ease their pain. The answer came down to how the piece would be bound. After exploring several customized methods for binding, we went with a screw post binding system. Not only does this provide KAI a ready-made brochure on the shelf, but also the business development personnel have the ability to customize the piece by simply inserting applicable project profile or sales sheets that speak directly to their prospect. We carefully designed each insert to ensure a seamless presentation, no matter which sheets were used. Then we packaged it in a custom cover that contained overview information about the company.

Project Details
Date January 12, 2014