Slow Burn Theatre Co.

Every season we are privileged enough to design the season Posters for Slow Burn Theatre Company. As graphic designers, we love interpreting these complex stories that play out on stage into a static visual format. Below are several seasons worth and you can bet we are already working on the next season as you read this.

Paynecrest Electric

If Tripp Co. had a niche market, it would be the AEC industry. When were invited to propose on PayneCrest’s new website, we had some great ideas we knew could really improve the user experience and help set PayneCrest apart from any other electrical contractor website.

A big part of the PayneCrest culture is technology. They have embraced BIM. They LOVE gadgets with a purpose and they understand the newest tools help make them more efficient and connected.  We wanted to bring a lot of that feeling to their website.  They also have a very unique culture which is centered around four core beliefs; Think, Empower, Support, Deliver. We wanted to find a way to not just make it a blurb on an “about us” page, but really bring it to the forefront on the new site.

The chosen concept features the PayneCrest Way using parallax scrolling on the front page. We also found unique and interesting techniques to present information to the users throughout the site. For example, we didn’t just put a news listing up or just include a link to their social media outlets, we took a cue from the Windows 8 playbook and created a tile system. Each tile features the latest and greatest and allows users to click through to see more related articles/tweets/facebook updates.

The finished site is one that lets you know PayneCrest is on the cutting edge and on the move.
Feel free to visit the site and take a look around