Cannabis Oil Packaging Redesign

Elysia is one of only two approved CBD Oil products available in the State of Missouri. CBD oil has been approved for use in children suffering from extreme forms of epilepsy. The hope is that this pilot program is successful enough that approved use instances will be added.

Elysia wanted their package to shy away from “natural” and “granola”. Instead, they engaged Trippco to create something that felt like a pharmaceutical.

After looking at their current logo, we recommended starting from scratch, and that’s just what they did. What emerged was a package that uses soothing tones and clean lines to communicate the research and science behind their product and not fell like an apothecary of yore made it.

Slow Burn Theatre Co.

Every season we are privileged enough to design the season Posters for Slow Burn Theatre Company. As graphic designers, we love interpreting these complex stories that play out on stage into a static visual format. Below are several seasons worth and you can bet we are already working on the next season as you read this.

2014 Circus Show Creative

We were so very lucky to be chosen as the creative agency for Circus Flora, an amazing not-for-profit circus/theatre.

The first project right out of the gate was the Season Poster. This single piece determines the direction for all advertising and collateral to follow.

The theme this year was Chess and it was set in Persia.  The poster and all of the collateral reflect the culture through color and style and nods to the Chess theme can be seen in the individual elements. The big stars this this year were the rare, painted camels with blue eyes—so we gave them primate positions in the layout.

Look for more great work including branding and website for Circus Flora.