Cannabis Oil Packaging Redesign

Elysia is one of only two approved CBD Oil products available in the State of Missouri. CBD oil has been approved for use in children suffering from extreme forms of epilepsy. The hope is that this pilot program is successful enough that approved use instances will be added.

Elysia wanted their package to shy away from “natural” and “granola”. Instead, they engaged Trippco to create something that felt like a pharmaceutical.

After looking at their current logo, we recommended starting from scratch, and that’s just what they did. What emerged was a package that uses soothing tones and clean lines to communicate the research and science behind their product and not fell like an apothecary of yore made it.

Natural Laundry Detergent Packaging

Better Life® already has an impressive line of naturally-safe cleaning products.  So impressive that “The Sharks” battled it out just to invest in the company. What they didn’t have was a naturally-safe laundry detergent.

The Tripp Co. team went to work by first going through our unique product naming process. After presenting several relevant and effective names, the client landed on Spin-Credible™.

Since we were in the middle of walking the client through a brand audit and consumer survey process, we jointly decided packaging design for the detergent bottle may need to change in the future (thank you digital printing). Using the established brand colors, but knowing we wanted to elevate the design, we took the idea of colorful clothes spinning in a front load washing machine and abstractly illustrated the concept. One piece of feedback the client frequently received from retail reps was the fact that on some of the current labels the purpose of the product wasn’t clear. So, the decision was made to boldly state the product intention and downplay the name.

The result is a beautiful design that is sure to get plenty of lift and jump off the shelves into carts.  Look for more great tactics from Better Life and Tripp Co.