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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is all the rage. Sure, you want to tweet and post and blog and connect, but who has the time? Just as you sit down to the computer, get in your writing groove, your boss comes in and wants a proposal out by EOD.  Stop crying. We can help.

For a small investment every month you can get your company on the social media bandwagon!

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We can help you with the following:

Blogging —Think of a blog as your company diary that everyone will see.  It is your company’s chance to not only present content to your customers and potential customers, but it allows them to comment and interact directly. We can help with everything from creating and maintaining a blog to writing the posts for you, or just brainstorm with you to help generate topic ideas. We can also help get your blog out in the blogoshpere. After all, why have a blog if no one reads it?

Twitter — If blogging allows you to post the unabridged version of your thoughts and opinions, Twitter is the Cliffs Notes. Twitter asks you to tell your followers what you are doing in 140 characters or less (called a tweet). Many businesses are using twitter to connect with their customers and build their base. Or it can be used to drive traffic to your site and/or your blog. We can help get you started tweeting and utilizing this powerful tool.

Facebook — With more than 500 Million active users logging on everyday, Facebook is a must have in your social media arsenal. It’s not enough to have a “fan page”. You can use you page to repost your blog posting through an RSS feed. You can tie your Twitter account to your Facebook page and all three can be synched to reflect your company’s tattoo. We can take over the maintenance of all your Facebooking and help you come up with appropriate ads and targeting criteria to build your fan base.

LinkedIn Think of this as Facebook for professionals. The majority of your connections on LinkedIn are going to be past colleagues. But it goes much further. By virtually networking with those past colleagues, you can now be introduced to their connections, and their connections connections, and so on (if you try hard enough you can probably reach Kevin Bacon). Let us get you connecting and networking like a maniac. Did we mention that many times we can have your blog posting directly to your profile?