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I’ll take some Cholula Sauce with my marketing campaign please…

Hispanics are the United States’ largest growing demographic. Making up a whopping 15% of the nation’s population and looking to jump to 30% by the year 2050, it goes without saying that marketing towards Hispanics is essential for any and all businesses. In fact, companies like Target, Allstate and JC Penny’s have all invested more than 10% of their marketing budget towards Hispanics.

It is integral that businesses today, large and small, focus on welcoming the Hispanic population as a part of their marketing campaigns. In order to target this market, time must be taken to research this ever thriving population effectively.

Cultural diversity amongst Latinos

The Hispanic/Latino community within the U.S. is largely made up of persons from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America. Although they are all unified by language, many of these countries have their own unique idioms and cultures that separate them from each other. It is within these sub-cultures that extensive research must be done to help keep the focus on the population as a whole, without excluding anyone. Focusing on the Hispanic cultures view of family for example, and their strong ties with religion, can help keep the campaign focus on this ever growing population.

Utilizing appropriate media tools

Hispanic households tend to be very culturally diverse in and of themselves. Many households have more than one generation residing within its walls. With different generations also come language preferences. Older generations tend to stick with the traditional Spanish language; younger ones go for a mixture of Spanish and English, typically dubbed Spanglish. With this assimilation also comes the use of newer more innovative media technology such as mobile media and social media networks. While the amount of Hispanic households that watch television are ever increasing, so too are those households whose individuals utilize face book, twitter and viral video. It is therefore of essence that marketing campaigns focus on using these media tools in order to reach out to target audiences.

Understanding bilingual campaigns


It is of great importance when focusing on bilingual campaigns, that the integrity of both languages is upheld. So many times, phrases in English are translated into Spanish literally, and lose their meaning completely.  Even worse, the meaning changes so significantly that the message because more of a joke or sometimes offensive. We are all familiar with the Dairy Association’s iconic“Got Milk?”campaign. Unfortunately for them, when the campaign was translated, it asked the Latino market ““Are you Lactating?”

So how do you get started?

Tripp Co. Creative has bilingual staff members waiting to assist you with all your Hispanic/Latino campaign needs. Let us be your eyes and ears into this rich culture and allow you to better implement techniques for marketing to the Spanish-speaking world. Tripp Co. Creative expertos en mercadeo y publicidad.