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Most agencies listen with the intent of replying to you… We listen to learn and understand more about you.

When we started Tripp Co. Creative, Inc., we did so with three priorities in mind:

Treat people like people

The secret to our success isn’t an illusion or some flim-flam trickery. No. The secret is just relishing relationships and doing good work with good people (the origin of our tagline). Work doesn’t have to be painful and we try our darndest to make sure it isn’t — for our team and yours.

Put it all on the line

Maybe you use the term “exceed expectations” or “giving it 110%”… We simply say we put our heart into it. We love what we do and the clients with which we choose to work. Passion runs high and it shows in everything we do.

Laugh at the craziness.

We refuse to play the role of a pretentious ad agency. We can’t pull it off because it’s not who we are. Who said meetings have to be boring? Not us! What do you expect from an agency who’s mascot is an orange ceramic pig named Kevin Bacon?

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