Top Secret Success

Keeping our client’s secrets is tougher than we thought.

Every year our client attends a large industry trade show where they host a private dinner event for their best distributors and clients. This year’s theme was a Monte Carlo-esque casino night mixed with a James Bond theme.

From the outset we knew we wanted to deliver pieces that would require some type of “spyishness” and we soon decided on decoder glasses. All invitees received a personalized mailer with “super secret spy glasses” affixed to the inside. In order to see the message of the mailer (and all communications to follow) they were required to use the glasses to reveal the hidden words. The challenge was how to design the reveal graphics. We had never done this before, but really wanted to learn. After a lot of surfing, some sweat and tears, we figured it out and were able to bring the vision to life.

Tope Secret Mailer

A few days later, each invitee, we mean “agent”, received an email with further instructions. They had to use their glasses to decipher the message and learn where they would be rendezvousing.

Tope Secret eblast

The open rate on the
e-blast was over 49% and we hear the event was a great success.

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