Why us

Most agencies listen with the intent of replying to you...
We listen to learn and understand more about you.

We Believe!


At Tripp Co. Creative we have studied our most successful client relationships to figure out what makes them work.  We discovered our team and our clients are connected by a common thread – an unbridled spirit of optimism.




We want to be the “anything is possible” agency and we want to work with people who feel the same.  We are down-to-earth and casual in our interactions but never amateur in our executions.


Proven Approach

Our process has been built on over 15 years of experience creating successful marketing campaigns for companies large and small. We work hard to forge long lasting relationships and we expect to be working with our clients for years. Our approach ensures that every project we undertake for you is as successful as the one before (and the one after).



We take the guesswork out of your project with our kick-off sessions. There’s no smoke and mirrors here. No razzle dazzle – just rolling up our sleeves and digging in. We want to get to know the soul of your business, listen to your needs, identify challenges, understand your audience and discover how to make your customers respond. We’ll brainstorm strategies, present solutions, set requirements, confirm budgets and set out timelines. This groundwork builds the foundation of everything we produce.


We focus on your goals and collaboratively brainstorm ideas and explore options; discuss our concepts and conceive creative solutions. We sketch, wire frame, explore formats and assemble the best creative designs. Then, when all the dust has settled and the tears have dried, we present designs for feedback and implement your comments – making the end product as refined and polished as possible.


We care about excellence and integrity. We watch all the details – build things right the first time and tweak until it’s absolutely perfect. Whether it’s a new web design, brochure or branding exercise, we focus on accessibility, functionality and brand-appropriate levels of creativity. We watch reactions and track the success. You can see the results of this process in our web, print or branding portfolios or get a more in depth view with our case studies.

Value-based Pricing

Every project we undertake is more than just the end product –
it’s a combination of intelligent strategy, a proven process, creative problem solving and informed intuition.

We invite you to shop around. You won’t find a better value out there. Notice we said “value” and not “price”. We don’t sell “off the shelf packages” or re-purpose the same ideas over and over again. Everything we create is tailored to meet your unique challenges, goals and budgets. To give accurate pricing, we review your particular requirements and do a full project discovery meeting to nail down the goals and deliverables and provide a set price range that works for your budget. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll put together a custom tailored, no cost, no obligation quote that works for you.